Community Guidelines

Last updated: October 16, 2020

At Campus Convo we pride ourselves on the community we’re building for both our customers and our experts. In order to provide the best experience for everyone, we have a few simple guidelines that we expect all users to follow.

Treat others with respect

Be responsive, be professional, be courteous, and be helpful. And show up to bookings on time!

Be fair

Set fair expectations for each other, and be fair with reviews. Assume good intentions.

Be honest

Respect the integrity of the Campus Convo platform, and be honest with each other (and us).

College students, put in a great effort

Customers are paying you for your time, so take pride in your work and give them the attention they deserve.

Be a good community member

Don’t discriminate. Be good to one another.

Follow all relevant laws

Self-explanatory, we hope.

Use the site as intended

We connect students for help with college research, and we process those payments. Don’t use this for other purposes, or attempt to move conversations or transactions off-platform.

Campus Convo takes our community guidelines very seriously, and may suspend or terminate an account for ongoing or serious violations. We also may edit or remove and content on the site that violates these guidelines. By using Campus Convo, you agree to abide by our community guidelines. If you have any questions, or believe that a user has violated these guidelines, please contact us immediately. Thank you and be good to each other.